• Your brain makes up only 2% of your total body weight but consumes more than 20-30% of all your energy at rest
  • Brain disorders such as: Dementia, Alzheimer’s disease, MS, and Parkinson’s are known to be related to lack of proper energy in the brain.
  • Your brain can use two types of fuel: glucose (sugar) and ketones (fat) for fuel
  • Research has shown that when your brain uses ketones for fuel it is 28% more efficient and produces far less inflammation.
  • Research has shown that when individuals with early dementia used C8-MCT (that’s what’s in Brain Fuel) their memory greatly improved.


Brain Fuel contains only C8 MCT, the rarest MCT found in coconut oil. C8 makes up only 6% of coconut oil. 1 tablespoon of Brain Fuel MCT C8 oil is equal to 20 tablespoons of coconut oil. Brain Fuel MCT C8 is quickly and efficiently converted into ketones in your blood stream to give you a noticeable shift in your MOOD, MIND and MEMORY. By using ketones for fuel, you no longer need to rely on the damaging effects of elevated insulin and blood sugar levels. One of the consequences of using carbohydrates as fuel is massive weight gain, inflammation, increased incidence of cancer, heart attacks, neurodegenerative conditions, neuropathy, obesity, kidney diseases, hypertension, elevated cholesterol, autoimmune conditions, stroke, blindness, irritable bowel syndrome, and many many other conditions.




Brain Fuel MCT-C8 is by far the best way to naturally and reliably create ketones for your brain and body to use. Our bodies were designed to use ketones for energy; however, because of our over consumption of sugar/carbohydrates, we have lost touch with this ability. Once you start using Brain Fuel you may begin to notice much more clarity of mind, less anxiety, sugar cravings go away, energy stabilizes, sleep improves, weight loss and much more.


60% of your brain is
composed of fat, making
it the fattest tissue in
your body.


Brain Fuel MCT C8
contains 100% pure C8
MCT giving your brain
the ketone advantage.


Your brain accounts for
just 2% of your total
body weight.


Your brain uses 20-30%
of your energy just at

Brain Fuel + Brain Bean

Brain Fuel and Brain Bean are designed to go together. Brain Fuel combines with the ingredients in Brain Bean to significantly enhance their absorption and effectiveness. Your brain gets the benefit of potent botanical support combined with a boost in energy via ketone production. Its brilliant…..and so will you be!

Just keep in mind that when you’re first starting with Brain Fuel, your body needs a little time to adjust. So stick with a couple of servings for the first week or two.

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