What is Brain-Immune™?

Brain-Immune™ is a revolutionary new product designed specifically to improve the Gut-Brain axis. Using proven proprietary and patented immunoglobulins to support and balance the immune brain response. Research has literally exploded over the past 5 years clearly demonstrating the profound impact the immune system plays in our neurological health. Brain-Immune™ is the most powerful and effective tool in balancing out this relationship.

How does Brain-Immune™ work?

Brain-Immune’s powerful and effective combination of immunoglobulins from hyper-immunized egg (IGY), bovine colostrum (IgG IgA,IgE,IgM,IgD), L-glutamine and inulin provide a synergistic formulation that goes to work immediately supporting and restoring normal Gut-Brain axis response.

A significant reduction in Zonulin indicates decreased gut permeability.

The improvement in the DAO/Histamine ratio reflects a positive change for inflammation and associated chronic conditions.

Heal your body from the gut out!


Brain-Immune™ has 26 human-specific antibodies that promote mucosal immunity by inhibiting adhesion of non-beneficial bacteria in the digestive tract.


Brain-Immune™ promotes the growth of healthy bacteria by reducing competition for space in the gut.2 Healthy bacteria leads to better MOOD, MIND and MEMORY!


Brain-Immune™ helps promote a normal inflammatory response while optimizing healthy digestive function by controlling inflammatory cytokines. 2(10),7(2) Cytokines are inflammatory molecules highly associated with depression, anxiety, dementia and many other conditions.


Brain-Immune™ significantly reduces zonulin levels associated with both leaky gut and leaky brain:

  • Increase gut wall integrity
  • Improves bowel function


Brain-Immune’s™ advanced synergistic blend makes it the most comprehensive formulation available today. Noticeable changes in 2-4 weeks.:

  • Targeted immunogenicity
  • Does not increase inflammatory cytokines 4(6)
  • 20-40x higher immunoglobulin concentration per unit(12)


Brain-Immune™ ingredients are self affirmed GRAS.


A un-healthy gut leads to an unhealthy brain and visa versa. Clinical studies have clearly shown that our gut health plays a major role in: Neurodegeneration, Parkinson’s, Cognition, Depression, Allergy, Diabetes, Heart disease, Cancer, Autoimmunity, Arthritis and many others.

Leaky Gut = Leaky Brain

Leaky gut syndrome is epidemic in our western world. Researchers are now clearly linking this relationship with severe and profound neurological consequences. Number one is the blood brain barrier and how it is broken down in the presence of a “leaky gut” and as a result Leaky gut = Leaky brain.

How to use Brain-Immune™?

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