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Curcumin in Brain Bean’s unique, natural blend has been shown to have a positive impact on mood. Regular consumers report to enhanced feelings of well-being. Mood swings are significantly reduced, as well as depressive thoughts. These effects are brought about by curcumin, one of our key ingredients. Time and again, it has been considered as a better alternative than Prozac. Aside from it being safer and more sustainable, it has a proven track record. Scientific studies in the Ayurveda prove the effectiveness of curcumin in fighting depressive symptoms.

It works against depression in several ways. Because of its antioxidant properties, it combats the oxidative damage caused by depression. It scavenges free radicals, increasing glutathione levels in the brain. This promotes the repair of free-radical induced damage. Curcumin also increases Brain-Derived Neurotrophic Factor levels. BDNF is the protein that controls learning, long-term memory and mood. Having low levels of it is associated with depression and poor learning.



Be The Best You. Unlock your brain’s full potential and invigorate your body. Move your body into an optimal state of well-being with Brain Bean. Each ingredient in our neurogenesis blend was carefully selected to provide powerful benefits. With regular use, you can experience improved focus and enhanced concentration. You will also feel your energy levels increase and stabilize. Our recipe contains a variety of botanicals such as Cordyceps Sinensis. It is Tibet’s number one export, with a price tag of $75,000 per kilogram. What makes it so valuable?

For over two centuries, Cordyceps Sinensis has been recognized as a precious tonic. As a matter of fact, it was officially classified as a medicine in 1964. In traditional Chinese medicine, it is used to increase vitality and combat aging. It also prevents the development of various age-related diseases. In a Chinese study conducted on mice, two groups were given oral doses of Cordyceps Sinensis. The group with a higher dose showed a 73% increase in endurance. Combine this with turmeric curcumin’s anti-osteoarthritis properties, you will feel years younger.


No More Memory Gaps. Are there moments when you suspect something is wrong with your memory? Does your mind sometimes go into a fog? Do you find yourself forgetting appointments and things you are about to say? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you are likely suffering from memory loss. While these symptoms can be stress-related, they are also tell-tale signs of early dementia. Brain Bean’s all-natural recipe can reverse these debilitating symptoms. It can also protect you from further neurodegenerative conditions.

One of our key ingredients, Hericium Erinaceus is recognized for its neuroregenerative properties. It is also known as Lion’s Mane mushroom and has been used for centuries across different cultures. Since 1991, about a dozen studies have proven its amazing benefits. It improves memory and maintains mental acumen. On top of these benefits, it has also been found to combat depression and anxiety. These mushrooms grow in hardwood forests of North America, Europe and Asia. You can forage for them or it is readily available through Brain Bean.

[nflc nutri_heading=”Supplement Facts” show_dv=”true” extra_notes=”*Daily Values not established.” serving_size=”1 scoop (3000 mg)” custom_nutrients=”%5B%7B%22name%22%3A%22Proprietary%20Blend%203000%20mg%22%2C%22sv%22%3A%22*%22%2C%22level%22%3A%220%22%2C%22text_style%22%3A%22normal%22%7D%2C%7B%22name%22%3A%22Curcumin%20C3%20Complex%20Full%20Spectrum%20USDA%20Certified%20Organic%22%2C%22level%22%3A%221%22%2C%22text_style%22%3A%22normal%22%7D%2C%7B%22name%22%3A%22Cordyceps%20Sinensis%20Full%20Spectrum%20USDA%20Certified%20Organic%22%2C%22level%22%3A%221%22%2C%22text_style%22%3A%22normal%22%7D%2C%7B%22name%22%3A%22Hericium%20erinaceus%20Full%20Spectrum%20USDA%20Certified%20Organic%22%2C%22level%22%3A%221%22%2C%22text_style%22%3A%22normal%22%7D%2C%7B%22name%22%3A%22Ceylon%20Cinnamon%20Full%20Spectrum%20USDA%20Certified%20Organic%22%2C%22level%22%3A%220%22%2C%22text_style%22%3A%22normal%22%7D%5D”]

“Incredible results so far and it’s only been 3 weeks! I am a huge fan, it’s reduced my depression, improved my energy and I have lost 12 pounds. My food cravings are finally under control.”
-Lisa P. Palo Alto, CA

“My brain fog has completely lifted.”
-Tom F. Reno, NV

“I have suffered with PTSD for the past 10 years and since I have started Brain Bean, I have seen dramatic improvement in my anxiety, depression and memory. I have told m y VA docs about this and they are now telling other vets to try it. Thank you Dr. Nelson!”
– Joel P. Reno, NV